Sunday, September 5, 2010

A smally poopy makes a big problem

Hello blog world! I'm come here with great intrigue and fascination. It's fun to be in the position as the "blog writer," although part of my perception is that they are snooty assholes that are too vague to ever "follow." While on my soapbox, now i realize how easy it is to confess the subjects of the days' or even moments' events. I now live the one bedroom life and besides from the occasional stints of frustrating boredom the days go by in great relief and pleasure. All is well in the house i call The Shoe until a minor problem can turn into a poop problem. Although i had to make great poopy and biked home real fast after being too constipated to be comfortable in a public bathroom (Closed For Business: nice wall paper). Although i don't think the result was worthy to clog, i am now burdened with The Unplungable Toilet; a deep bellybutton full of muddy waters that refuses to allow any sort of suction. Now i sit here smelling that monster, that poop filled toilet. The air is filled with poop. My mind if full of poop. And like the affect of running water, i want to poop as well.

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